Allow manager to see all tickets created by members of a group

Dear all,
I know this question has been asked and solved before, thus I kindly ask you to point me towards a solution.

The use case is “As the manager of a team, I want to be able to see all tickets opened by members of my team”, which I translate to “As a manager, I want to be able to see all tickets in a queue which have been opened by members of a group”.

At the same time, several groups will use the same queue (I will not have a queue per team).

Thanks for any hints

I am not sure if the TicketSQL syntax supports this (Someone correct me if it does), but you could have a scrip that runs on ticket create and sets a custom field or custom role to the group that the creator of the ticket is a member of. Then you could search on that custom field/role for the group name.