Alerts on Queue

I need an alert to go out to a pager on ticket
creation in a queue.
I’ve set the queue script “On Create”, “Notify
CCs,AdminCCs,Potential Owners,Anyone” use templace
“Pager” but to no avail.
It seems that no matter what template I use or how I
set it to alert all I get is

Tue Jan 24 23:45:12 2006: Request 3363 was acted upon.
Transaction: Ticket created by root
Queue: test
Owner: Nobody
Requestors: root@localhost
Status: new
Ticket <URL: >

I’ve recently upgraded to 3.4.4… Any help would be
Also On the Potential owners patch I’m not able to
remember where I got it. Does anyone know where this
is so I may re-apply?

Thank all you cats for your help. Not sure what I’d
do without this group. Just hope to be of some use to
anyone some time… heh.

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