Again CustomFields

Hi all.

I’m again with custom fields.
Yesterday i’ve build RPMs of latest rt-3.4.0, upgrade from 3.3.14 and
try to test CustomFields. As i can see my problem is still there ;-(
I’m creating some CustomField with type ‘Select mupltiple items’ (and
with one item) all created successfully. But when i create new ticket
and select this item in CustomField i get error:

error: Can’t locate object method “Id” via package “No object
mapping for
field” (perhaps you forgot to load “No object mapping for field”?) at
/usr/lib/rt/RT/ line 1464.

1460: my $method = “${class}Obj”;
1461: $self = $self->$method;
1462: }
1464: return $self->Id;
1465: }
1467: sub LookupTypes { ref($[0]) }

code stack: /usr/lib/rt/RT/

P.S. perl-5.8.4. What other information i may give your for
understanding this error?