Advanced search finished > '-15 hours'


I would like to have something like this:

Queue = ‘.NOC’ AND Status = ‘finished’ AND Resolved > ’ 15 hours ago’

But for Finished instead of Resolved

While I set Finished > ’ X hours ago’ it says Unknown field: Finished

Please advise, thank you!

Is “Finished” a custom field? Maybe you want to try “Resolved > ‘X hours ago’”


Our company does not use Resolved, last status of the ticket is finished.

I tried Queue = ‘.NOC’ AND Status = ‘finished’ AND Updated > ‘-15 hours’
It’s showing what I need but output is very slow… it needs almost 1 minute to provide the search output

Do you get many tickets back from the search?

We have almost 80k tickets in status “finished” and perhaps this is why the output is slowlish. Search is pretty fast without Updated > ‘-15 hours’

But search output provides only 5 tickets (now) and despite that is very slow…

What I need is:

All tickets in status “finished” for last 15 hours.

I haven’t looked at the code for Updated so I am not sure what it checks but I assume it might check many transactions for each ticket. Maybe try “LastUpdated” and see if that is faster?

Thanks knation, this is exactly what I needed and output is faster than a wink… I tried Last Updated but showed me an error… i could have tried without space :slight_smile:

No problem, I usually use the web UI query builder to make sure my syntax is correct before going to the advanced section or REST api!

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