AdminUsers right required to see some user info?

I customized Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor, removing the default content
(Comments, User’s Highest priority tickets, and group memberships) and
using the ‘AboutThisUser’ callback. Here’s the callback:

% if ($requestor->EmailAddress) { % } % if ($requestor->WorkPhone) { % } % if ($requestor->Address1) { % my @office = split /\$/, $requestor->Address1; % }
Email: <%$requestor->EmailAddress%>
Phone: <%$requestor->WorkPhone%>
Office: <% $office[0] %>
<%ARGS> $requestor

For some reason, it seems that the ‘AdminUsers’ right is required to
access WorkPhone and Address1. Is there any way to change this? Viewing
this contact information is obviously useful to supporters whom I don’t
necessarily want to be able to create/edit/disable users.