AdminCC Watcher Inquiry

Hi all,

Is there a difference in the way RT 3.6.1 handles Watchers for comments?
If I’m the requestor for a ticket and comment on it, I don’t get an
e-mail notification. I seem to recall it doing this in the past, and I
actually preferred it that way so I can archive my e-mail for record

I do get e-mailed for correspondence when I’m not the ticket requestor.

  • Steve


There are many reasons this might happen. What are the privileges you 

have allowed for the AdminCc and Requestor Roles? Are the same UserId’s
in any groups that are getting notifications? What Global/Queue Scrips
have you set up and where are they sent? Without that info, it will be
hard to resolve (pardon the pun).


Steve Finkelstein wrote: