Adding "recently resolved" to MyDay.html

I might work on a ticket through the morning for a few hours, resolve it at noon, and only use the Tools->MyDay screen at the end of the day.

What I thought I might be able to do was add a second query, so the main loop looks like this:

% while ( my $Ticket = $Tickets->Next() || $Tickets2->Next()) {

And the second query, inserted right after the first, looks like this:

require Date::Manip;
my $Tickets2 = RT::Tickets->new($session{‘CurrentUser’});
$Tickets2->LimitOwner(VALUE => $session{‘CurrentUser’}->Id);
$Tickets2->LimitStatus( VALUE => ‘resolved’ );
$Tickets2->LimitResolved( OPERATOR => ‘>’, VALUE => Date::Manip::UnixDate(Date::Manip::ParseDate(‘yesterday’),’%Y-%m-%d’));
$Tickets2->OrderBy ( FIELD => ‘Priority’, ORDER => ‘DESC’);

I’m getting all the tickets from the first query in the list with the second. In fact, it looks like many of the tickets are being printed a total of three times.

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