Adding fields to Users table

I had this working before, but since we upgraded from 3.0.10 to 3.2 I broke
it and can’t recall where I started. It’s been so long since I modified RT
code, I can’t remember what I did.

I added new columns to the Users table, and I want to modify the RT module
code and Mason files to manipulate them. The Wiki says to copy User_Overlay
and modify that, but when I look at the file it doesn’t define any of the
arguments for the Users table in it. Those are defined in, so I
copied that, deleted everything I wasn’t going to change, and tried to add
the new fields along side the existing ones. There were 3 locations that
included the Users fields in

Under sub Create:

        My %args = ( list of fields )

Again under sub Create, this time in a SUPER declaration, which I know isn’t
something I want to muck with.

And finally under sub _CoreAccessible

Two questions then - should I really be copying and modifying User_Overlay,
as the Wiki says, or should I be copying and modifying (the
autogenerated one)?

In either case, which hashes do I need to add the fields to?

Any help appreciated - thanks!