Adding custom status values?

Hello. We are running 2.0.9 and using if for both helpdesk as well as
project development. We have done a bunch of customization using the
keywords and queues, but what we would really like is to be able to create
a custom status. For example, we would like to give the tickets a status
of “QA” once they have moved into QA testing stage. We have keyworded
this, but it does not show up in the main queue displays. We could create
a separate queue, but then several different projects would commingle. I
have looked through the code but have not really been able to figure out
whether or not this is an easy modification.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Christopher G. Kolar
Coordinator of Information Technology Integration
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy –
[PGP Public Key ID: 0xC6492C72]