Adding comments using REST and form post, how?

I am working on a tool that, for varoius reasons, need to use the
web-available REST interface for its operations. I am currently pulling
hairs, due to the fact that all examples I am able to find on using
REST, refers to using Perl and the RT::Client:REST module or

I am perfectly able to do a POST request on
with ContentType: form-data and the follwing POST data:

id: ticket/12345
status: open
owner: newowner
priority: 3

… and thus changing ticket 12345 from a “new” ticket, with owner
"Nobody" and priority ‘’ to the new values (open/newowner/3)

What I am now trying to achieve, is adding transactions, i.e. adding a
comment to the ticket, and I hope to be able to do this using the
REST interface over HTTP or HTTPS, as I do not have the option of doing
this using Perl-code or CLI.

Can anyone help me add Comments or Correspondence to RT tickets
using HTTP POST forms?

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