Add Quick Ticket Creation to SelfService page

Good Morning,
I try to add QuickCreate widget to SelfService start page. I’ve add QuickCreate to /SelfService/Elements. And add <& /Elements/QuickCreate &> to index.html. Now I see the form, but ticket don’t create. Also I’ve try to add in index.html code: my @results = 0;

my $skip_create = 0;
$m->callback( ARGSRef => %ARGS, results => @results, CallbackName => ‘Initial’, skip_create => $skip_create );
unless ( $skip_create ) {
push @results, ProcessQuickCreate( Path => ‘RT->Config->Get(‘WebPath’) ."/SelfService/?"’, ARGSRef => %ARGS );
}, but nothing change. Can someone help me and provide me a solution how to fix it? Thanks for the help.