Add entries to TYPEMAP

Hi All,

We are in the process of upgrading our RT install from 4.0.23 to 4.4.0
but have been putting this off because of the extension AssetTracker
that we’re using.
The last couple of weeks I have been looking at an upgrade path and I
think I have found a way to upgrade our instance. A test conversion
seems to be working fine after the standard RT upgrade path, coupled
with a number of database upgrades to get our AssetTracker metadata
moved over to RT::Assets. Using the Import::CSV to get the data over.
There is a small bug in that extension. It has been made compatible with
RT-4.4.0 but it still uses rtxassets/rtxcatalog instead of
assets/catalogs tables :frowning:

Now to the question I have:
AssetTracker uses a couple of extra LinkTypes
(Runs/RunsOn/ComponentOf/HasComponent) and I can convert these to
Parent/Child or DependsOn/DependantON links but I have been wondering
how much trouble it would be to add those types to the Link TYPEMAP, and
besides adding them if there would be a need for code to handle these.

Anyone who can/is willing to comment on that idea?