Hi all,

Hope find some one who use Activity Reports Extension, i don’t understand
why if i chose for example a date between 2009-01-22 & 2009-01-23 it doesn’t
show all activities for date 2009-01-23 it just show 2 or 3 activities, and
why i have a number of tickets closed in activity summary different of what
i have in resolution statistics, and how Average resolution time per ticket
does calculated.

thank you,


I have installed this extension to RT. The post install page says:

Once you install the ActivityReports extension it does not appear on any menus. To add it to the Tools -> Reports menu you can
Create/edit this file /local/html/Callbacks/ArbitraryName/Tools/Reports/Elements/Tabs/Default
with these contents:
$tabs->{‘e’} = {title => ‘Activity Reports’, path => ‘Reports/Activity/index.html’};
$tabs => undef

So I created /opt/rt3/local/html/Callbacks/Reports/Tools/Reports/Elements/Tabs/Default and restarted Apache. I can see the link under Tools>>Reports>>Activity Reports and it links to http://my_rt_server/rt/Reports/Activity/index.html but I get a ‘The page you requested could not be found’ error. Can someone enlighten me?


Jim Tambling

Network Services
Data Tote Ltd