Activating a plugin

Hi everybody,

A short definition at first. Let localpath be my path where my RT is

I have got a plugin called RT-Extension-Dummy. It has only got one
module Create.html in localpath/plugins/RT-Extension-Dummy/html/Ticket.
The only difference compared to Create.html in
localpath/share/html/Ticket is that you see this message in the code:

<& /Elements/ListActions, actions => @results &>
This is just a dummy version of Create.html! Please ignore it!

Everything else is the same. What did I do in order to activate this

  1. I created a directory RT-Extension-Dummy in localpath/local/plugins/

  2. I created the following subdirectories:

    • lib
    • lib/RT
    • lib/RT/Extension
    • html
    • html/Ticket
  3. I created in lib/RT/Extension. Its content is:

package RT::Extension::Dummy;

use 5.008;
use strict;
use warnings;

our $VERSION = “0.01”;


omitting pod sequences

  1. I copied Create.html from localpath/share/html/Ticket.html to
    localpath/local/plugins/RT-Extension-Dummy and inserted the text I
    mentioned at the beginning.

  2. I changed localpath/etc/ and extended @plugins like

Set (@plugins,(… , “RT::Extension::Dummy”));

  1. I restarted the httpd server.

Having accomplished all of these steps, I still do not see the text

This is just a dummy version of Create.html! Please ignore it!

in Ticket/RtimCreate.html.

What should I do in addition to activate RT-Extension-Dummy? By the
way, I am root on my shell I work with.

Thanks in advance,

Wolfram H�ttermann