Action "NotifyDispatcher"

Hi together,

i wrote an simple action “NotifyDispatcher” helping me
to map our company-prozess to RT2. The insert-scripts
and the Perl-Module are attached.

Here the README:

<-------------------- snips -------------------->


i developed a simple action called “NotifyDispatcher” which should
notitfy an additional group of people by sending an email to

Example scrips:
OnCreate NotifyDispatcher with template AdminCorrespondence

This scrips sends an email to -Dispatcher@localhost. In /etc/aliases
you can define an entry for the persons should getting this email.

We use this scrip-line to inform all our supporters about new tickets without
using the AdminCC-function as a global Queue-Watcher. In our "Best-Practice"
the AdminCC’s are supporters helping the owner solving the ticket. So, nobody
has to look the whole day in the WEB-Frontend for new tickets and after
arrival all supporters are able to comment/reply this ticket (without beeing owner)

I’m not an RT2 developer - so i know, that’s a quick hack (but it work’s :wink:

NotifyDispatcher.README (1.04 KB) (1.58 KB) (1.13 KB)