Access to $Transaction addresses from templates

I want to get all the From, To, Cc, Bcc, RT-Send-Cc and RT-Send-Bcc email address as strings from a template. As the documentation says, $Transaction->Addresses return all I need as a hashref. But I couldn’t figure it out, how to print each email address as a string. I am expecting something like below,
{$Transaction->Addresses(‘FROM’)->Address}. Any Idea how can I print email addresses of a Transaction object in a template.

My Actual problem is like this
When we reply to a ticket, we faced two problems such that,

  1. People in One-time cc list cannot see who are the requestors.
  2. Requestors cannot see who were the people in One-time cc list.

Because of that, by just reading an email they cannot get any idea about who are the other people receiving this email. So as a solution, I am going to add all the emails of relevant parties to the relevant template. If you have any suggestion please let me know. Thank you.


What about something like this?