About Numeric CustomFields

Hi All,
I have a SavedSearch from a queue, with a format:
**** some other custom fields here ****
CustomField.{Task complete %}’,

Custom fields “Amount” and “Total” contains value with validation as “Decimal”, “Task complete %” is a positive integer number 0-100.
The question is: Is there any method of sorting the results by number-containing values as numbers, not by alphabet?
I found similar topic to my problem and, seems to me, no solution since 2014:
Sorting by the value of a custom field in search results numerically.

I know, that the values a stored in ObjectCustomFieldValues table as varchar(255).
But if the custom field validated as “Decimal” or “Digits” could be sorted like sort { $a <=> $b } or
sort { $b <=> $a } it would be nice.

Any clue, idea where and how to fix it is welcome.

Thanks, Peter