A second quick question or 2 about upgrading

I am preparing to upgrade my rt from 3.65. to 3.6.6. I have now successfully
fixed my newbie errors of not using the local directories for changes that I
have made or that people from the list have helped me make :-), but I have a
couple other concerns that I want to ask about.

  1. Extensions: What happens to all of the extensions/add-ons that I
    have installed? Do I have to re-install them? Any configuration for them
    that might or might not exist, does it remain or get deleted?
  2. Themes: I have been working on a new theme for RT (closer to
    organizational colors of the Company, blah blah blah) it is of course
    located in /opt/rt3/share/html/NoAuth/css/. Will it remain or
    will it get deleted?


Greg Evans
Hood Canal Communications
(360) 898-2481 ext.212