A new faster shredder machine available

Designer of the tool (me :slight_smile: is really sorry and want to apologize. He
made a really stupid mistake, so shredder was deleting your e-docs,
but also was scanning all ticket records in your DB. So shredder 0.05
is very slow and you really want to upgrade. …

I want said thanks to Philip and Konstantin for keep bugging me and
providing really-really valuable debug information. They did all
required legwork and provided mysql’s slow logs, results from
Devel::DProf. So I had statistics from production servers to add
about indexes to shredder’s docs, use perldoc lib/RTx/Shredder.pm to get to them.

Download the new release from the closest CPAN mirror soon…

Change log:
* fix: in the previouse version a regression was introduced
that caused terrible slowdown during tickets deletion.
* doc: added section about database indexes

Best regards, Ruslan.

Nice work Ruslan - this version (with the index additions) reduces the
single ticket shredding time down from 5 minutes to about 7-8 seconds.