A Couple of Questions

My first question is on rt-mailgate --action and the different actions
available. I am just looking for further explanation of what these actions
do. Second, when I first setup request tracker I failed to change rt.support
to something custom and now I’m having a hard time finding where I can
change that. Any help?

This is from the rt-mailgate manual page:

Specifies what happens to email sent to this alias. The avaliable
basic actions are: “correspond”, “comment”.

      If you've set the RT configuration variable "UnsafeEmailCommands",

“take” and “resolve” are also available. You can execute two or more
actions on a
single message using a “-” separated list. RT will execute the
actions in the listed order. For example you can use “take-comment”,
“correspond-resolve” or “take-comment-resolve” as actions.

      Note that "take" and "resolve" actions ignore message text if used

alone. Include a “comment” or “correspond” action if you want RT to record
incoming message.

      The default action is "correspond".

Does anyone have any documentation off hand that explains in further detail
the differences between these actions? I have the RT Essentials book but it
doesn’t say a lot about the different actions.