5.0.1 Upgrade issue

as per screen shot, I appear to be missing certain groups/user from a functional rt5.0 install. Do I need to run a fixdeps on this, or is there another step I need to perform in order to resolve?

Which OS are you using?

Sorry, forgot some of the background info…this is an install on CentOS7

RT is configured to assume the Apache user/group is “www” ( Thats the default ):

–with-web-user=USER user the web server runs as (default: www)
–with-web-group=GROUP group the web server runs as (default: www)

You can re-run the configure command with the above flags set to the correct user/group, iircc its “apache”


Thx…that worked like a charm. Also had to run fixdeps to install worddiff, but all looks good. Thanks for the assist