5.0.1 On Resolve Notify Requestors checkbox is being ignored

We recently upgraded from an old 4 release to 5.0.1. I have started getting complaints from some of the priv’d users that even though they uncheck the “on resolve notify requesters” checkbox email is still being sent to the requesters. Is anyone else seeing this? I’m presuming it’s a problem in my config but I’m not finding anything obvious (I use defaults 99.99% of the time).

What kind of email are they getting? The automatic “this ticket has been resolved” email?

Yes, it looks like they’re getting the resolution notifiaction.

Hmm okay, can you create a test ticket and add an address as a requestor on it and see if resolving the ticket and clicking the checkbox to disable that alert does indeed still send email?

Yes, it is the ticket resolved notification. There are some cases where sending that just confuses the user and we’d like to avoid it in just those cases.

Are there any clues about how I can fix this problem?

While it is not a fix but a mere workaround, I found that if you input anything into the comments box it will squelch that resolve message when you uncheck the options below. I dropped a space in and it has been consistent on not sending anything out.

Thanks NetG-Moe. I’ve passed that on to the other RT users.

This work-around was working fine for a while but today I was informed it wasn’t working anymore. I’ve verified that is the case. Email is generated even with all the boxes unchecked and a space in the comments box.

We’re running 5.0.1.

Anyone have any other suggestions?