3.8.1 Missing tabs and modifying create.html

Hi All(first time mailer, please be gentle :-])

Ive upgraded a test box from 3.6.5 to 3.8.1 (running a
relatively old kernel for fedora core
-��and have hit an odd problem with the
menu tabs for Preferences.�All other tabs appear
/User/Prefs.html has

<& /Elements/Header, Title=>loc(“Preferences”) &>
<& /User/Elements/Tabs,
�� �current_tab => ‘User/Prefs.html’,
�� �Title=>loc(“Preferences”) &>

the tabs file exists yet is being ignored - this isnt a
local version of the Prefs file.
Take another eg Tools

<& /Elements/Header, Title => loc(“Tools”) &>
<& Elements/Tabs,
�� �current_tab => “Tools/index.html”,
�� �Title => loc(“Tools”) &>

and all is well

the only difference is the line after these

<& /Elements/ListMenu, items => $tabs &>

Prefs is different

<& /Elements/ListActions, actions => @results &>

but Im sure this is a red herring

Im logged in as an RT Administrator so Im fairly sure its
not a permissions thing and I can modify the path to cause
the system to barf if it cant find the tabs file. It just
seems to ignore it.

My second question is more of a development one regarding
Create.html, specifiaclly in Self Service.
In order to get the same name everytime through the self
service interface I want to modify the requestor field so
it doesnt allow change (e.g. is no longer an INPUT box).
This way the user is locked and always

This is the snip of code Im trying to replace in

<&|/l&>Requestors: <& /Elements/EmailInput, Name => 'Requestors', Size => '20', Default => $session{CurrentUser}->EmailAddress &>

Closest I ve got is to turn both it and the cc field into
unchangable text, but I cant seem to get just the
requestor field.
Was hoping there was an easy way to do this, preferably
without having to drastically modify Create and

Like I said any thoughts gratefully received



Dr Garry Booth
IT Services
Loughborough University