3.6.3 install not emailing ticket updates


Having a problem whereby update emails to tickets are not being sent by
mail, although they do appear in the ticket history. I’m seeing the
following errors in the message log:

When I first click ‘Reply’:

May 2 13:55:37 hermes RT: Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///)
at /usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm line 617.
May 2 13:55:37 hermes RT: Encode::Guess failed: ; fallback to iso-8859-1

There are two copies of the last line.

Then when I click ‘Update’:

May 2 13:57:00 hermes RT: Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//)
at /usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm line 1390.

There are four copies of this last line.

I also see the following log entry when a ticket is submitted via email to
the system - although it does appear to be correct in the system. And I do
get an email reply generated and sent successfully, so it would appear that
mail is working.

May 2 13:58:43 hermes RT: Scrip 23 Commit failed: syntax error at (eval
725) line 28, near “) {” syntax error at (eval 725) line 46, near “}
}” (/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Action/UserDefined.pm:81)

In case it’s of interest. This is with RT 3.6.3 installed via the ports on
FreeBSD 6.2 Release. Running with apache 2.2.4 and mod_perl. All ports are
up to date.

I saw another similar thread which mentioned updating CGI.pm - however I am
on the latest one (3.29).

This is a fresh RT 3.6.3 install, with a database originally from a 3.0.11
system. All upgrade scripts have been run on the database, and I haven’t
noticed any other errors.

Any help would be very much appreciated as I can’t progress with upgrading
our older system until I resolve this, in particular the responses not
getting emailed.

Many thanks,

Barry Byrne


Am still having 7 log entries when a ticket history is updated. However,
I’ve solved the problem of no mail being sent - was my own error - I was
updating a ticket owned by me, so it appears no mail is sent - I wasn’t
aware of this.

Also, the UserDefined error was a typo in a scrip one of our users had
created. So that’s fixed.

The errors are logged regardless of whether the database is the default one
shipped with RT or my upgraded one.

Would be happier if I could figure out why errors are being logged, but
everything appears to be working OK, though any clues as to why or how to
solve, would be appreciated.