3.6.2 - My Day screen does not update data

Hi, I recently made an installation of RT 3.6.1 and applied the upgrade
to 3.6.2.

There is a new “Tools/My Day” screen which shows the tickets I am
currently working on and from which I should be able to update comments,
time worked and status on shown tickets all from one single page (neat
feature, especially for time tracking).

However none of the changes I try to submit through this page seems to
take effect, there is no change in the tickets history, it is as if I
had not submitted anything.

There doesn’t seem to be any change in the (MySQL) database schema
between 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 and the upgrade process did not return any
errors (I gather it just overwrote old files, and all my customizations
are in the local tree).

Did I miss something in the upgrade process?

Minh Quang

I briefly looked at this feature, but since it was on an installation of
RT that had no real data in it, I did not spend a lot of time figuring
it out. I was confused as to how it worked also. I entered total time
worked for the day, and it did not appears anything had been updated.

Can anyone explain what this is and how it works?

Minh Quang Yvonet wrote: