3.6.1 userRight commentOnTicket=false will not hide comment-Buttons


we’re using RT3.6.1 on freebsd.

I found some pieces of code which trigger whether RT shows up
’Comment’-Buttons or not.

Code pieces look like

…userHasRight(‘ModifyTicket’) .

Since we have to set ModifyTicket=true to all of our users so that they
can change custom field values, we only want to allow a minority of them
the right to create a comment.

So they have userRight ‘ModifyTicket’ but not ‘CommentOnTicket’.

So I changed that lines of Code to
…userHasRight(‘ModifyTicket’) .

for the effect, that ‘Comment’-Links disappear from Main menu and
Transaction menu and from SelectionList in Update-Forms.

Code changed in :

  • html/Ticket/Update.html
  • html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html
  • html/Ticket/Elements/Tabs
  • html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction

Do you agree with this change or are there some side effects, which I
did not recognize?

Could I also (would’nt it be better to)
delete the whole ’ or $Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight(‘ModifyTicket’)’
-Part of those if-clauses?

Many thanks in advance


Olaf Hamann