3.0.9 Continued performance issues

RT 3.0.9
Perl 5.8.3
Apache 1.3.29
MySQL 4.0.15

Total number of tickets, 130
Total number of users, 15

The SQL database was test loaded with 67 million
rows and had several complicated join/select statments
against it, with the returning row count exceeding 50,000
rows. total time was less than 30 seconds.

smaller queries all return in less than 1 sec.

so I don’t think this is a db server issue.


It can take 5 to 20 seconds for a ticket to be displayed.

Users find the slugish response to be reason not to use the

Tickets with a long thread of replys take much longer to
come up.

I’d like to get some solid replys instead of “Go Read teh FAQ”,
which I’ve done with no improvement to the system. There are no
images being served, yada yada…

john brown

Two things that I’m doing to increase performance: serve images (yeah, I
only have one too!) from a separate server, and only displaying 1st and
last ticket actions by default so that one needs to go to History to
view the History. It’s still not lightning fast, but I saw improvements
with these.

The first was from the FAQ, and the second from the list, don’t recall
who, but thanks!

Also, on the list someone mentioned that you can serve the image from
the same virtual but separately, but I didn’t implement.


Rick Rezinas
Unix Systems Administrator
Qsent, Inc.

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Glad to see a few people are helped by the mod I posted.
Credit for the code goes to others, however.

For those who missed it, see