2.0.14 stopped working after updating perl modules

I brought my server up-to-date with the cpan versions of just about
every module (except HTML::Mason). when my RT server was restarted,
every request to it goes into an infinite loop until CPU time limit is
exceeded for the process.

when the httpd server is stopped, a bunch of

httpd in free(): warning: recursive call

followed by a single

httpd in malloc(): warning: recursive call

are sent to the error log.

I upgraded Mason to the latest in CPAN in case that was it, but no
improvement was noticed.

Right now I’m upgrading to RT 2.0.15, but I don’t see anything
relevent in it that I haven’t already hand-patched in my 2.0.14.

The rt mailgate still works, so tickets are still coming in… we just
can’t respond to them. :frowning:

Is anyone else running 2.0 under mod_perl and apache 1.3 with all the
CPAN modules up-to-date? Are you experiencing similar errors?

Ok… solved by backing DBIx::SearchBuilder from 0.92 to 0.90.

I’m using Postgres, in case anyone forgot :wink: