1.3.58 the "i have a headache. enough for today" release


Relative to the last release, we’ve got a bunch of cleanups and bug fixes
and the outline (with a little bit of content) in docs/manual.pod.

Most of the work on #28, #78, #242 and #243 has been done…I suspect
that beta 1 is likely to land this week, if this splitting heaache will
go away.


2001-03-20 19:02 jesse

    * docs/manual.pod: file manual.pod was initially added on branch

2001-03-20 19:02 jesse

    * docs/manual.pod: actually adding the outline of the manual

2001-03-20 19:01 jesse

    * Makefile, bin/rt, docs/API, docs/README.docs, docs/Security,
    docs/keywords, etc/config.pm: Starting the doc cleanup

2001-03-20 15:26 jesse

    * webrt/Elements/SelectTicketSortBy: LastUpdated, not LastUpdate

2001-03-20 15:21 jesse

    * webrt/Elements/SelectDate: more things to sort by.  select date
    shouldn't insert spurious null dates.

2001-03-20 13:27 jesse

    * lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm: fixed a typo. $defined is not useful
    perl ;)

2001-03-20 13:21 jesse

    * lib/RT/Action/Notify.pm: Fixed a couple bugs in Notify and
    SendEmail that should get mail flowing for transactions without

2001-03-20 13:08 jesse

    * webrt/Ticket/: Attachment/dhandler, Elements/ShowTransaction:
    Making web based attachment display deal nicely with too-long
    message bodies

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